The Power of Youtube

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Above is a picture of a map that is being draw out by Casey Neistat. The map was used to illustrate where he was going and what he was trying to get across when Nike teamed up with him to release a new product.  This individual has partnered up with countless companies creating content for commercials and other free lancing work. Casey has always been a film maker and in recent years he has blown up in the online community through YouTube. Becoming an everyday vlogger was his main mission for almost two years until he began his journey into other endeavors.

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Through the platform of YouTube now-a-days everyone is trying to become a vlogger to create their own community of common interests. Certain aspects of the vlogging style by Neistat can be seen by many up and coming individuals who either haven’t found their niche or just try to imitate what he has already set forth. A community can be any amount of people there share common goals or have some interests that co-inside with each other. Online communities are still rapidly growing and the only way from here is up for the rest of the internet.

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  1. Jordan Wilkinson

    I’m not super interested in vlogs, but there are a few I watch on occasion. One guy in particular has done daily vlogs for over 7 years now and the community created around that vlog is insane. His vlog has definitely brought a lot of people together that would have never otherwise met.


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