Rhetorical Triangle with a splash of Kairos

The four techniques Logos, Ethos, Pathos and Kairos are discussed heavily in this chapter. These techniques used in this chapter have relating subject matter that makes it easy to understand what each one means. Through advertisements one technique that is used often is pathos. Advertisements can get a bad reputation for being to forward and appealing to too much emotion for someone to take in at one time.

Image result for sad dog commercial

The insert of a commercial shown above is from the BCSPCA where everyone speaks for animals and activists act on saving animals lives. Some individuals that witness this commercial coming across their television and turn it to the next channel because they don’t want to see sadness.  What is shocking is when the individuals change the channel they don’t want to believe the truth that is out in the world concerning sensitive subjects. Another term used in this chapter is logos and is understood as the logic behind an argument. Going through the four techniques in this chapter can be remember simple by thinking of the Rhetorically Triangle. Ethos when referred to in film or television is how much the audience puts their trust into that character. Being fully accepting and open towards messages also refers to one of the terms which is pathos. 

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