Rhetoric closing in

When the word rhetoric comes to my mind it is always accompanied by the names Plato and Aristotle. The reason why that continuously is from the constant reminders in my grade school years English teachers making sure all of us young people knew who and what we were talking about. From all of those years with English teachers harping down on what we had to learn about each week when the rhetoric conversation became relevant again I simplified it down so that I could understand it much easier.

Coming up through my years of school making study materials and representations of what the teachers said was difficult but once I understood how to simply materials it made my life and grades much better. Rhetoric in my own words allows us to understand what we are looking at and how to approach interactions based on what is set in front of us. For example a stop light is a rectangle with three circles and three different colors in those circles. If it was not represented that the red circle on the top of the rectangle was meant for the oncoming traffic to stop then there would be accidents on every street corner. When driving up to a stop light we can us rhetoric when looking at the stop light to interpret what we need to do before crossing the intersection.

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