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Thinking through different ways to have an interactive article I have come to the decision that my idea of Working out/ bodybuilding will be the best option for me. To most people when they hear about bodybuilding they automatically think of enormous individuals who are looked at as freaks in the eyes of the public. Towards the beginning of this article I will discuss what the first glimpses of individuals pushing their bodies to their natural limits and surpassing them. From the beginning of time there have been contests of men trying to see who was the strongest or who could lift the heaviest objects.

Image result for stone powerlifting       The first contests to be known about to be the first power lifting or strongman contests were stone lifting. These contests that were held were very strenuous on the individuals participating because of how much technique was needed to lift a stone over a certain height to clear the challenge.

These first strongman games and contest spurred up a revelation of men that felt as if they needed to be the best in their region. These competitions over the years have emerged into a renowned competition called the Worlds Strongest Man competitions. The first competition was held in 1970 where some of the lifts that were done that day can be seen in today’s competitions. Being viewed by millions this sport has still not changed in slightest.

After going through an overview of how the beginnings of pushing the human body to limits. the next topics that I will discuss include. How bodybuilding became such a natural phenomenon that struck waves through young minds to get out their and push their physical appearance to its limits.

The risks on how pushing your body to its limits can come instant or have a negative effect over time. The most used substance known by the public for helping individuals gain massive amounts of muscle while cutting down on body fat is steroids . The different types of steroids vary from Corticosteroids and Anabolic steroids. These substance are chemicals that each human body produces naturally. While these chemicals are produced within each body when adding an excess amount to the body the bodies reaction is to use it immediately to have its effects.

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