Total Immersion

When the thoughts of immersion come to mind for me I continuously think of something being completely filled or flooded by water. For this portion of my interactive feature article I will have an immersion experience of going to a power lifting competition.

Gunter LaPrad is wearing a grey shirt standing in the front

Couldnt have had a better experience at my first powerlifting meet! I couldnt have done it with out the support of all the great people at Marietta Barbell friends and family! I ended up setting 4 state records with a 530lb squat 353lb bench 580lb deadlift and a 1463lb total!

This United State Powerlifting Association Georgia power lifting competition consisted lifts that consist of a squat, a bench press and dead lift . All of these lifts combined come together to make the total weight lifted at the competition be concluded in how the champions of the competitions are chosen. All of the lifts that were completed at the competition by Gunter were broken state records that he broke that day! For his weight class in the state of Georgia he know holds 5 records underneath his belt!

580 pounds of a STATE RECORD that Gunter LaPrad lifted!


353 pounds of a STATE RECORD that Gunter LaPrad lifted!

530 pounds of another STATE RECORD that Gunter LaPrad lifted!

This total came out to a staggering  1,463 pounds lifted in one day which is another STATE RECORD that he broke!

Figuring out your passion in life then going out and accomplishing it is truly how you push your body to its limits. While immersing myself completely in this competition taking videos and seeing first hand how hard work combined with diligence to your craft can lead to amazing outcomes.

Being fully immersed into this type of environment it is important to know some FACTS about it!

After being fully immersed in that environment and learning about the necessary  facts it is always good to hear the story behind it all.