Reflecting on Rhetoric

Coming into this busy fall semester I had no idea what I was getting myself into when signing up for this course. After reading the course description for Topics of Digital Rhetoric I was truly interested in what this course had to offer for me. In the beginning of the class it was nice that it started out just like any other course with quizzes and power points to look over to test our knowledge. Then as the semester progressed the course was morphed into more of a content structured course. Going from assignment to assignment having trouble in the beginning with the flow of the timing to turn them in was difficult. Luckily we formed content design teams that helped us stay on track and practically help structure the class a little better than before.

Breaking up into teams after being given assignments such as making meaningful digital stories personally helped influence me to do better and to look at broader ideas to make the story connect with a bigger audience. Topics that were discussed in this class were not like the usual conversations held in a normal classroom. These conversations ranged from teaching one another about how plug-ins work for each students themes of their blogs. Contrasting with that ranging with how to properly publish something in a creative way to draw someones eye away from something else to make sure your content is receiving the proper attention.

Coming to the end of this class with this closing academic blog post I will take everything I have learned from my professor and fellow students to help influence how I look at content on multi-platforms. Distribution for this blog will consist of me publicly announcing my release of this blog to friends and family. After having some success with over 60 comments as of the start of December without publishing my blog anywhere it will be interesting to see what kind of attraction this blog will bring. After announcing this platform of distributing my thoughts out into the world I will try to give it more attention than the others that I use such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Although I will still use those other platforms of social media I feel as if these different post take more time and thought processing unlike how some individuals just post pictures and hope for the best. When trying to compile the right blog post to appropriately describe the meaning behind your post takes time and patience which I now enjoy.

This class was insightful and meaningful to new found knowledge of content creation that I am grateful for and will pass down to whoever is willing to listen.

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