About Me


Hi my name is David Payton I am from a town south of Atlanta called Fayetteville Ga. I am currently enrolled into Kennesaw State University and currently classified as a senior. Coming into my final year of school I am still active in organizations and intramurals here on campus. I enjoy watching and playing sports such as Football, Softball, Basketball and Baseball. Throughout my life sports have played a big role in how active I am. After playing sports and having the willingness to compete working out influenced me to work harder before and after my practices. While sports have played a major role throughout my life one aspect of my schooling I have always paid heavy attention to is my academics.

Seeing professional athletes succeed in their endeavors makes me want to shoot for the stars with my athletics but while that may be a possibility one persons education will always be there when the athlete gets injured. My time here at Kennesaw State University has been short because I transferred here from a school in Tifton Georgia called Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College. While I was down in south Georgia for my first two years of college I learned a lot from how difficult being a farmer and working in the agriculture business could be. Through all of the classes I attended my favorite class that I retained the most knowledge from was Pesticide Management. I am excited to see what field of work I get the opportunity to go into and where life takes me after college.